The madness of the gospel or the madness of evangelicals?

The apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians that the word of the cross is foolishness to the carnal mind and natural to those who are perishing (1 Cor 1:18, 21, 23, 2:14, 3:19). Himself was called crazy by Festo when he announced this word (Acts 26.24). Just before passing through Athens, was to scorn the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers to announce by the cross and resurrection (Acts 17:18-32). The Gospel will always seem crazy to the unregenerate man. However, that there be ashamed if we considered crazy by announcing the cross and resurrection. As Peter wrote, if we suffer, it is because we are Christians and not as a murderer or thief, or evildoer, or as one who meddles in other business (1 Peter 4:15-16).
Along the same line, in the letter he wrote to the Corinthians, the apostle Paul, at one point, asking them to avoid seem crazy: "If therefore the whole church be come together in the same place, and if you put all the speaking in tongues, if unlearned, or unbelievers, will they not say, perhaps, that you are mad? " (1 Cor 14:23). Ie, the apostle did not want the Christians gave to the world for reasons that call us crazy unless the preaching of the cross.
Unfortunately evangelicals - or one of them - did not listen to the words of Paul, that is true try not seem crazy. There is so much in the evangelical foolishness, lack wisdom, superstition, ridiculous things, we just give the enemies of Christ a stick to beat us. We are ridiculed, despised, we become to scorn, not to preach Christ and Him crucified, but by nonsense, nonsense, nonsense, all done in the name of Jesus Christ.
What do you think the world thinks of a vision where chickens speak in tongues and interpret a rooster speaking on behalf of God, bringing a prophetic revelation to a pastor? We can say that the ridicule that this causes is a result of the preaching of the cross? Or the pastor top, that after speaking tongues and prophesy, spins as a result of God's anointing? Or "anointing Lion" allegedly received from God during concert gospel, which makes the person walking on all fours like an animal on stage?
I know I will argue that God spoke through Balaam's donkey, and chickens can talk through anointed. But the difference is that the donkey spoke it. Nobody had a vision in which she spoke. And he must have spoken the language of Balaam, not tongues. At that time lacked prophets - God only had a donkey to rebuke Balaam mercenary. I would have no problem if a whole henhouse speak Portuguese in the absence of men and women of God in this nation. But I do not think this is the case.
I know that God sent prophets prophesy and walk naked and doing weird things like hide leather belts to rot. And he sent another eats locusts and wild honey and dressing in animal skins. All this made sense at the time, where the written revelation, the Bible, was not ready, and where these prophets were God's instruments for their special and infallible revelation. I do not see any resemblance between the pion pastor, Pastor lioness and the prophet Isaiah, who walked naked and barefoot for three years as a symbol of what God would do to Egypt and Ethiopia (Isa. 20:2-4).
I know that the world will always mock the believers, but this mockery, as Paul wanted, is the result of the preaching of the cross, the proclamation of the truths of the Gospel, and not the fruit of our own folly.
I am not ashamed of the Gospel of madness, but the madness of some who call themselves evangelicals.
Augustus Nicodemus


Renunciation of Benedict XVI and God's Prophetic Clock

The first reaction was amazement, the second and third reflection to connect the alert button.

Precisely in that order as I was when I heard the news of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

Amazement, for never having heard of a Pope who left the throne of St. Peter.

But after learning of the reasons that led him to take this attitude, I was led to this act of reflection.

I think it was an act of great courage and dignity and serves up an example for many evangelical pastors in our midst.

For all we know pastors who are past the expiration date, but it still does not pass the baton, not vacate the pulpit, even without anything else having to "give" the poor little lambs.

However, now called the button of the alert tone, because I think this time of stagnation that we are living, this sea air and this sea of ​​indifference in the church plunged in the last 20 years is coming to an end.

Pope prays that comes out is considered a conservative and Catholic Church lost a lot of space, power and influence and a shift to liberalism would be something completely acceptable by our current society Sodom and Gomorrah.

The prophetic clock of God walked 10 minutes.

And now I think we are the generation of the rapture yes, because all the pieces of the puzzle are already prophetic docked 99%, missing only the appearance of the Antichrist, the false prophet will know because that is when the new Pope take.




The time not to, and because we are away.

Then we will pass to the 4th year of the 2nd decade of the 1st century of the 3rd millennium.

The favorite topic of the moment remains on the end of the world.

Since coming to the new millennium and it does not change, the speculation about the end of the world will die from the possibility of frozen because of the gradual shift away from the Sun as Earth weather Dr. Kaku; passing by global warming with the possibility of being swallowed by the Sun because he is a star and can swell up to not wanting more, there is seen, the solar flares that constantly reach Earth thence crossed with Asteroids NASA said, was cataloged about 90% of the largest asteroids whose orbit can pass by the Earth. This mapping done by scientists suggests that there are about a thousand asteroids near Earth to the size of a mountain or larger, and can crush us at any time.


As if that were not enough, scientists have yet news of the turns with such AH5N1 influenza virus responsible for causing avian influenza. According to the guys is a real possibility and can infect everyone. But what has not changed for a long time is the threat of a nuclear war - Estimates guarantee that there are 20 thousand nuclear warheads around the world. Most are controlled by the United States and Russia, and just a wrong fingerprint, and, goodbye Earth.

It is uncertain at this rate we'll get in 2013.

The thing ta as doubtful, not knowing if this item will arrive to be published, because it was still predicted the end of the world [forget the details] for the day December 21, 2012, or until other dates. Even if it is a barbarian civilizations like the Incas, Maya idolaters or people like Indus ......

But despite all these predictions macabre, do not see anyone trying to understand honestly and humbly to God to save themselves, not see anyone looking for protection from the Devil himself said that according to God lives walking around. I do not see anyone moving away from the enemy turns round about looking for gaps or cracks through which it can enter the character [Is. 30.13].

Since the reality of the moment is this, I suggest the same as James counseled:

"Confront the Devil and he will flee from you" [Jas. 4.7].

Do as the church of Christ, which earned despite attacks via malicious comments coming from all sides even ourselves, remains silent, seeking God's face in prayer crying out knee as happened in the Reformation of the Century 16.

So not only malignant live predictions for the new year, but the will of God.

Not only human passions of this world lives, but behave with the fear of the Lord [1Pe 1.17].

We have spent much time with our fleshly desires that enslave us, let us seize the new time is coming, let's get out of this bondage to another sphere of life with Christ in the midst of His grace [Cl 1.13].

Who can raise their hand against one appointed by the Lord's grace?

Yes, it is admirable to follow Jesus acquittal because it may hear and decide causes [1Rs3];

enlist a new job [1 Kings 5];

choose a wife [2 Sam 13];

have properties [2 Samuel 9];

recommend and assign the policy [1 Kings 2];

refuse illegal orders [1 Samuel 22];

thus, wisdom, sincerity, love of truth, temperance, justice and mercy will accompany every day by the grace of the Lord Jesus.
2013 will be the year of the final victory of God's people, who, with a single glance, scrutinizes all evil [Prov. 20].

Amen? Amen!


Jesus is bigger than my beliefs.

Belief is a statement that describes the rational reality, the world around us described in words, the set of doctrines that we have adopted to organize reality and situate ourselves in it, ie, the way we see the world, life, and how we behave so that our existence has meaning: meaning and direction.
There are philosophical beliefs, ideological, scientific and especially religious. The belief relates to what we believe: that man is the measure of all things, that capitalism is the best economic model, that the earth revolves around the sun, that Jesus Christ is God, for example.

Religions are based on beliefs: Muslims believe that the definitive revelation of God was given to Muhammad; Jews believe in the Law of Moses; Buddhists believe that every human being can attain enlightenment and become a Buddha.
Within each religious system there are also divisions for reasons of different beliefs. For example: Christians called Arminians (Jacobus Arminius), in general, believe that it is possible to lose your salvation, and the Christian tradition of Calvinist (John Calvin) believe that once saved, forever saved, and that if someone does not went to heaven because it was never saved.

Beliefs have a characteristic paradox: while it brings people together, away from the people. People gather around their beliefs, like being in the company of someone who has the same ideas, practice the same rituals and behaves according to the same moral rules. The problem is that usually these people united by common beliefs declare war on everyone who disagrees with them.

When Jesus says "I am the way, the truth and the life," establishes a new dimension of relationship with the truth. From this statement of Jesus, the truth is no longer a matter of belief, because it is no longer to explain and describe reality in a rational manner, but to relate to a person: Jesus himself.
The Jewish New Testament correctly translates John 3:16: "God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who trusts in him may have eternal life, instead of being completely destroyed."
A relationship with Jesus transcends the question of belief, believe or not believe.
It is a matter of faith - trust or not trust, I give him my life or not surrender.
Beliefs aim to translate the truth into words. But the relationship with a person will always be greater than your description, because everyone is always greater than words can describe.

This is why the relationship with Jesus is the dimension of faith, not belief. My friend Paulo Brabo, who helped me understand these things, said something interesting: "I can not recommend belief, his only achievement is to get together in guilds, each believing himself to be more remarkable than the other and calling your own corporate environment of spirituality. I can not endorse the belief, should not imply that spirituality can be adequately conveyed through arguments and explanations. I shall not seek the comfort of belief; Master trembled with fear and had no place to lay his head. I should not listen to anyone who asks tabulation of my belief, my faith is not what I believe.

Never ceases to amaze me that for Christianity God sent to save us a summary of recommendations and a list of beliefs enough, but a person. My spirituality is not to be lived and expressed in a less revolutionary.
Do not ask what I believe. "
To which I would add: the person in whom I trust -
Jesus Christ is more important than the things I believe.

By Ed René Kivitz.


U.S. Elections and the Evangelicals.

For the first time in its history, the United States no longer have a Protestant majority, according to a recent study. This was a major American media headlines this week.
Since the Pilgrims arrived, America was a nation predominantly Protestant. But the century brought drastic changes. The percentage of adults in the U.S. Protestants reached 48 percent in its steady decline since decades ago. Meanwhile, the number of Americans who have no religion is growing, especially among brancos.Essa is the first time that the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life reported with certainty that the number of Protestants fell down 50 percent.
This decrease was already long overdue and comes at a time when the U.S. Supreme Court has no judge Protestant, and when the Republican Party, whose leaders are historically Protestant, has a candidate for president and vice president who are not Protestants . Among the reasons for the change is that large traditional Protestant denominations, embraced an aggressive liberalism that has produced pastors Presbyterians, Lutherans and Anglicans gay, has removed more conservative members, who seek alternatives, including the non-denominational churches, which are mostly charismatic and neo-Pentecostal. The most charismatic churches are more conservative, more closed to the ordination of gay pastors and more open to the Holy Spirit and his gifts, while large U.S. traditional Protestant denominations are usually the exact opposite: they are more progressive, more open to the ordination of gay pastors and more closed to the Holy Spirit and his gifts. But not everyone is opting for non-denominational churches. A large number of members simply abandons the traditional Protestant churches and is without religion. The number of those Americans who want no religion now stands at 20 percent.
According to recent report, "43% of evangelicals in their late teens and young adults have left the traditional church [Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist, etc..] To follow more liberal beliefs."
The major concern is that with the explosive growth of liberalism in Protestant churches and steady loss of members, Protestantism in the U.S. is following the path of Europe where the Reformation churches are struggling not to die. This trend has political implications, including for America's future.
American voters who describe themselves as having no religion voted overwhelmingly in political leftists, who already had considerable support from voters Protestant progressives.
Pew found that Americans who have no religion supports abortion and gay "marriage" in a much higher rate than the Protestant progressives.
Evangelicals progressives have always been an important constituency of the Democratic Party aggressively leftist line. But now Americans without religion show voters be stronger for that party.
President Barack Obama, who is the Democratic Party, is a progressive evangelical and great promoter of Islam.
Conservative evangelicals, composed largely of charismatic, Pentecostal and neo-Pentecostal, prefer the Republican Party, which has relatively less progressive political goals, but is becoming less conservative and evangelical is under less influence.
For the first time in the history of the Republican Party, the candidate for president, Mitt Romney is a man belonging to Mormonism, a non-Christian cult.
The conservative Christian voter is faced with a cruel dilemma in choosing candidates in the presidential race of 2012: a Mormon or a dubious intentions of progressive evangelical who leaves no doubt regarding its intention already well known to impose the gay agenda in the world whole, with the powerful machine of the U.S. government.
Romney may be less aggressive, but its political history is also progressive. The first U.S. state to legalize gay "marriage" was Massachusetts, under the government of Romney.

Thus, the competition of 2012 is between a Mormon with a progressive evangelical progressive madly.

The conservative moral decisive breakthrough today in American politics and society has been done mostly by neo-Pentecostal and charismatic, but they do not yet have the numbers and social and political power that the traditional Protestant churches had until recently. Rather, conservatism charismatic faces resistance from the American left, is of historic churches that have embraced liberalism or the media itself pro-abortion and pro-gay "marriage".
What could save U.S. evangelicals a catastrophic fate is back among the major Protestant denominations, the example of Anthony Comstock, a nineteenth-century American evangelical considered champion in the fight against pornography, contraception and abortion.


Union European,  of The wars Nobel Peace

The Nobel Peace Prize awards a Europe that is promoting a brutal offensive against workers' rights, making cuts in basic rights such as education and health. Government policies of member countries, all formulated and imposed from Brussels, the EU's headquarters, generate the growth of poverty and social inequality, as well as the bottleneck and the loss of sovereignty of weaker countries, on behalf of the interests of creditor banks and hegemonic European powers - Germany and France.
The European Union is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is the same as chasing immigrants and militarizing increasingly supports the reactionary regimes in the Middle East and gives a strong hand to the Zionist Israeli policy of massacres of the Palestinian people.
The European Union is complicit in the "war on terror", so it supported the aggressions against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, silent on the attacks with unmanned drones on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan and advocates military intervention in Syria, besides acting in conjunction with the U.S. policy of sanctions against Iran and Korea Popular. Likewise, the European Union is complicit blockade against Cuba and is involved in the blink provocations Bolivarian Venezuela.
On the same day the award was announced, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC), an entity that integrates the World Peace Council, a member of the Executive Committee and European regional coordinator, issued a statement placing itself on the decision, considering it "at least questionable."
The memo notes that the pacifists Portuguese is necessary to recall "that over the last decades the European Union has played a militarization process, accelerated since 1999, after having played a crucial role in the violent breakup of Yugoslavia and later the brutal military aggression to this country, culminating in the process of secession from Serbia's Kosovo province in absentia of international law. "
The document of the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation also noted that since the NATO Summit held in Washington in 1999, the European Union received the assignment to establish itself as the European pillar of the military-political bloc led by the USA. According to the SCLC, "this then this paper has been affirmed and strengthened, notably since 2002 and with the approval of the Lisbon Treaty."
In a clear rebuttal of character "pacifist" of the EU, the SCLC indicates that this block over the past decades, "has starred and supported all military aggression and NATO or its members against the sovereignty and independence of individual states, as Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now in Syria, as well as violent regimes of sanctions that hit hard the people of various countries. "
The Portuguese entity considers that the positions and actions by the EU protagonized contradict "the principles enshrined in the UN Charter - respect of state sovereignty and non-interference in their internal affairs, on the contrary, promoting a growing and unceasing militarization of relations international, being compliant with human rights violations, as occurred, for example, with the so-called 'CIA flights' - their criminal kidnappings and torture. "
The note also states that the SCLC "the European Union is far from meeting the so-called 'mission of spreading peace, democracy, human rights elsewhere in the world' that you want to assign some, quite the contrary."
The coordinator of the World Peace Council in Europe highlights that peace in the continent "was a victory of the people after the Second World War, which was decisive for the aspiration of peace for millions of citizens, many of whom activists strong and broad peace movement and said that developed after 1945. "
It ends showing the paradox of award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union: "The reality of the action and of the purposes set out by the European Union are very distant from the values ​​and principles proclaimed and established the historic Helsinki Conference, held in 1975, as: respect for sovereignty, non-recourse to the threat or use of force, respect for the territorial integrity of states, peaceful resolution of conflicts, non-interference in internal affairs of States, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, the right to self-determination of peoples, and cooperation among states - values ​​and principles enshrined in the UN Charter. "


Union of Atheism against a  Christianity disunited.

Christianity has always dealt with internal conflicts. Since the Council of Jerusalem, by zeal and love for the Gospel, had to resolve their disagreements. It is true that conflicts were not always so peaceful like that. There was sometimes real battle. It is also true that the reasons were not always the most righteous or holy, but, anyway, Christianity stood firm, though divided.

Since the Great Schism, and even more so after the Reformation, Christianity split once. Romans on one side, Protestants and Orthodox another in yet another. Besides these major divisions, the hundreds or thousands of internal divisions, especially within the Protestant side, made the difficult dialogue and reconciliation, obviously, impossible.

However, such a split, though serious, never exceeded the strict limits of matters of faith. It was certainly caused by doctrinal disagreements (without discarding, of course, political influence and personal interests). Anyway, all revolving around Scripture and its interpretation.

After the French Revolution, mainly entered into society, a foreign element: a worldview utterly disconnected from Scripture and the Christian tradition. It is true that its foundations had emerged well before, but it only truly became a political element reasonably systematized.

From there, what happened was just growing a vision of life increasingly disconnected from God, which culminated in the movements linked to a strictly materialistic view of society, such as Marxism, anarchism etc., All of them openly anti-Christian.

Today, there is the cultural and media, in almost all of the West, groups and persons connected directly or by affinity to these movements that work tirelessly to destroy the foundations left by Christianity in this part of the world.

Not to mention also the infiltrations within the Christian churches, for these same groups and people who just do bring to the pulpits and altars, albeit surreptitiously, the same ideas that drench the ideological sludge to which they belong.

Although these moves have not always an interaction programmatic objective is amazing its ideological identity, the unanimous defense of the same points, for sure who are the enemies of society. Despite the diversity absurd principles, in the end they all end up advocating the same things, believing in the same things, fighting the same things.

By the side of the Christians the opposite happens: the same grounds connected, grounded on the same principles, divided into so many doctrines, many systems and so many beliefs that no longer see themselves as children of the same mother: the Church. If you consider, if not enemies, opposites and far.

So, the picture that arises is this: unChristian united by the same goals and same ideas; Christians disunited, although based on the same basis. Now who is stronger to win this battle? And can a divided kingdom stand?

The advance atheistic and anti-Christian is a present reality and getting stronger. Without resistance, vai imposing their worldview, invading the foundations of civilization (which is still somehow Christian) and subverting minds that still resist with remnants of religious teachings received over two thousand years.

Moreover, there is, on this side, any reaction to this advance, but manifestations of individualized inconformismos which alone can counter such little invested.

The question is: could any Christian union against all this?

Honestly, looking just as an observer, and knowing fairly parties, do not have much hope. Catholics view Protestants as just unruly rebels. Protestants see Catholics and Orthodox as diverted from the truth. Traditionalists see how they see the charismatic Protestants and between each denomination or church sees the other as heretical.

The only solution, if there is, first, the recognition, by true Christians, that there are real enemies who fight tirelessly in favor of the destruction of the pillars of our civilization, which is obviously the mitigation of any Christian influence. Secondly, awareness of common ground that binds all the Christian spectrum. If there are irreconcilable differences, to say whether there are also convergences indestructible, especially the participation of all noLogos divine.

This communion in Christ should be the banner page. Is she gonna allow that there is some resistance. If you want to fight for Western civilization remains standing, I see only one possibility: definitely understand that the enemy is not in the church next door, but across the front, in the enemy lines of those who despise the values ​​inherited from the two thousand years of Christianity.


Why do the wicked prosper while the pure of heart are afflicted?

                                                             Psalm 73.

This psalm is a bitter and hopeless search, recalls the kind of question that troubled Jeremiah and Job (Job 21.1-34; Jer. 12:1), and the Psalmist has a confession and a supreme discovery to share.

Asaph, the man who in the days of King David was highlighted as leader of the Temple music seems to have been a man of some distinction in his day. Set in the days of King David, there were no problems of this nature, means misinterpret human life and human nature.
The psalmist is an issue that afflicts: why do the wicked prosper, apparently without God's action? Why are afflicted with a pure heart? However, from a broader perspective and deeper life, faced with the emptiness and futility of the glamorous life of the wicked.
The psalmist begins by recognizing that "God is good to Israel, with a clean heart." He understands and has no doubt the goodness of God, even throughout the psalm go through personal crisis. A first reading could lead to a problem of retribution, cause and effect, where those who strive to live a godly seed purity of heart and life. There are biblical passages that clarify this aspect, the "clean heart" does not come from man but from God (Psalm 51.10; Ez 11:19, 36:26, Rom 2:28-29).

Verses 2-12, dominate "them" but within view of the "self."

Narrowly missed the Psalmist to "get lost on the way" or "had well nigh turned from his steps." Identifies what he called "deviation", the reasons that attracted him the envy seeing the "prosperity of the wicked." The health of the wicked and their apparent freedom from the worries and woes led to arrogance, which led the Psalmist to the temptation to envy them.
The word "shalom" takes a look at the priestly blessing (Numbers 6.22-27). Asaph was blessing so the wicked, not necessarily your actions, but people, while their human nature wanted this "shalom." Some Bible versions translate "shalom" for "prosperity", others omit the word, but expresses all other translated as "good luck" and "how well".

Verses 13 to 16, dominates the "I".

There is a sequence of parallel antagonistic: while the wicked are "not distressed", who keep pure heart are "afflicted and punished every morning" - verses 5 and 14, the "pride and violence" involves the wicked, those who keep pure the heart "wash their hands in innocence" - verses 6 and 13.
From this moment begins the "why this?", "Why that?" Which leads the psalmist to declare: "... needlessly kept pure heart ... ". Where is your prosperity? Where is your blessing?

How to believe in a God that is good, reserves the punishment for a pure heart. But the simple fact of the formulation of the psalmist thought shocked to the point of adopting a better mental attitude. And he begins to express and declare a public act, the result of a conscious decision - "If I had thought of speaking these words ..."
Certainties, it is good to talk, but in case you should not talk, because there are issues that the human intellect can not understand, and that should be taken only to God.

Two verbs call attention to verse 15.

First, the verb "talk" with the sense of expressing declare.
Second, the word "betrayed" is that in order to betray, be treacherous.

Israeli understanding, the individual could not be called a child of God (Deut. 14:1; Ex. 4.22), but only the people, as a community, were children of God.
Therefore, by betraying the community, the individual loses the participation in this title.
We can say that the apostle Peter makes the same relationship, a people belonging to God, when he quotes:

"But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, to proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light: you, yes, that before, you were not people, but now you are God's people, who had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy. " (1 Peter 2:9-10)
Asaph reflects and expresses his inability to understand the things of God.

Of its inability to solve and explain the situations of life.
He alone did not understand, did not have the strength to understand.

God, the second person, determines the fate of "them" (verses 17-22).

From this point one can see the turnaround.

The psalmist enters the Sanctuary of God and realize their end. The psalmist, although surrounded by continuously unfair, do not fold, because it follows the law of God and meditates continuously.
From that moment he begins to discern the facts.
While standing in God's presence, it is shown that the unrighteous shall go to destruction, disintegration in death total. The safety of the wicked, based on power and wealth, is illusory. While appearances indicate a trajectory falsely grandiose in reality are slippery in place. Their lives are reflected by the expectation and fear of losing their fortunes and power. This fear becomes terror and perish, because they identify with what they have. The lives of the wicked was not real, because it was a broken relationship with the Lord.
From the encounter with the Lord, the psalmist was taken to assess your vision. The reflection led him to identify his situation, brutish, ignorant, a bigot was before the knowledge of God.
Now, instead of dwelling on the prosperity of the wicked, he finally arrives at the Lord's presence and believes that the greatest blessing is to have God as your guide and close adviser.
Regardless of what may happen in your life, God is God. It is centered in God transcends heaven and earth, and it is God who sets the dimension as "forever", "eternal" and "everlasting".

"Those who turn away from thee, behold perish: thou destroy all who are unfaithful to you" - answered the questions in verses 18-20. "For me, it is good to be near God, the Lord God will set my sanctuary, to proclaim all his deeds" - answers the questions in verses 24-26.

It can be concluded that the fidelity of the fair is the absolute trust in Jehovah, God of the Covenant.


Capitalism, Church of Faith and Neoliberalism.

The 1970s marked the beginning of Prosperity Theology in Latin America and Brasile.
Some segments in the field Pentecostal movements and organizations were interdenominational dissemination vehicles set of doctrines about personal prosperity as a sign of divine blessing.
Each segment movement, organization formulates its way to prosperity and emphases on religious doctrines related, targeted personal achievements or family, progress in health, financial and material prosperity.
The Theology of Prosperity was well accepted in recent decades, due to new directions social, political and economic society in which it operates.
Thus, the environment influenced the ideology of individuals, so new paradigms are taken as incontrovertible truth.
The speech based on Prosperity Theology is an accommodation to the interests and values ​​of contemporary society, feeds the desire to use as a search for satisfaction and strengthens the liberal individualistic behavior and habits.
And within this process, reveals the sinful human nature that turns away from God.
The political and economic practices seen in Brazil and Latin America are consistent with neoliberal policies established worldwide. The dominant force in today's world is the market. Countries that are able to participate in the world market are those that are able to produce and consume, otherwise they are out of economic dynamics.
States have been unable to change the laws of the market or influencing the overall system. Neoliberal ideology, disseminated through the globalization of information, makes people believe that the market or consumption is the solution of humanity. This leads people to not prioritize the ties of solidarity, making them more individualistic.
In capitalism, one reason for the success of Prosperity Theology is because presents a God who does not bother the proper functioning of the market economy, for an immersion in the society in its economic dimension.
With respect to marketing practices, it should be noted that:
Controversies deslanchadas by this religious segment resulting mainly from the space reserved for important financial and magical
practices, although, on the one hand, their churches are not restricted to these aspects and on the other, magic and money are not the exclusive prerogative of neo-Pentecostalism.
We conclude that it is a theology that adapts to the current modern society where everything is bought and everything sells, sells everything, even the non-rational, thus settling the notion of religion paid. Applying a voracious and aggressive marketing, strategic position for those who want to dominate a situation.
But as every phenomenon is not born in a vacuum, because for its expansion there must be some specific conditions that enable the development, that because human nature prefers the consumer society and the temptations of the market, opting for religious and utilitarian magic , even as a weapon of social ascension.
The current religious experience suffered in the last decades of the twentieth century, substantial changes. Some aspects of the new profile are due, among other aspects, the multiplication of Eastern groups, the african-Brazilian religious affirmation, the spiritual and magical expressions. Theologians and scientists of religion, specifically to analyze the field of churches and Christian movements, indicate that there is growth in the number of groups a direct and severe impact of various elements from the Brazilian cultural and religious matrix. This causes the concrete experience of Christian faith get sometimes, which opens the possibility for the emergence of elements idolatrous. In this sense, there are the "religious market". This entire framework is in line with the changes sociopolitical, economic and cultural rights worldwide.

It is an economic system in religious garb.

It is a religion of results, a science of success.

A worldview is dualistic, being a Christian in the midst of the battle between God and Satan.

The fate of the human being is in your hands, just invest in God and expect dividends.


Pagan Cultural Values ​​in the Digital Society  

The Christianization of Roman society, after the Edict of Milan in 313, made polytheistic religions stay restricted to small rural villages that were called "Pagus".
Since then Christians began to call all those pagans who still retained polytheism.
In its true sense, the term designates pagan polytheistic religions (religions who worship multiple gods and deities) and its cultural model.
The term also applies to the pagan lifestyle of the people who do not accept the existence of a single creator God of all things, whose paradigm may be the Greco-Roman society and, somehow, some societies that emerged after the Renaissance movement .
This "religion of the pagans" - in the words of historian Paul Orosio Hispanic (fifth century) - is characterized by conceiving gods according to the pattern, human needs and desires.
Gods subject to the same vicissitudes, weaknesses and passions of men and women.
Gods without theological coherence or moral standard and well-defined goal.
This cultural pattern, ie, the model of conduct and of life was a consequence of misinformation and irrational side of the overlap on the rational side of human beings.
(It was as if his body "animal" prevailed over the mind "educational", ie the flesh prevailed over the spirit.)
 So at that time was accepted the promiscuity, the immoralities, orgies, idolatries and violence very naturally. That was until, "justified" because the people did not know a decent education and social founded the Creator.
Today, however, some of our politicians have rediscovered paganism, but think they invented formulas evolved to drive a society.
The model pagan (secular, pluralistic, egalitarian, non-censorship, etc..) Is the format most rudimentary and archaic to lead a company.
This model does not set limits or require sacrifices ethical and moral citizens. In pagan system, everyone can and everything they please without worrying about consequences.
In general, paganism is connected to the absence of limits, lack of discipline and abdications absence of any preventive nature.
In paganism, it is common to the massive presence of attitudes merely pleasurable without any concern for future consequences. The effect of religion (the multiplicity of gods, spirits, deities and divinities several) is only the most obvious part of a behavior usually "pleasure" and engaged with the future. (A behavior too "festive" where the desires of the body is to control the mind and not the good sense).
In day-to-day paganism vai settling by replacing the rational for more practical and pleasurable, that is, people come to submit to only what they want and not what they should and should undergo.
The consequences over time failures are followed by failures accompanied by pain and misery. These consequences lead people to despair and to the emergence of numerous worship the "gods" as an attempt to supernatural solutions.
So paganism is not restricted to religious worship foolish.
Actually, it's all a social construct which should get away as much as possible!
(Note: Some international encyclopedias define paganism as the standard of religious and social behavior that has no prophetic origin, ie is not of Christian teachings, Jewish or Muslim).
Karl Marx, the founder of atheistic communism (taken as "scientific socialism") identified a strong link between poverty and pagan religious practice. He just did not know how to differentiate the pagan religious knowledge (knowledge from legends, myths and utopias human) of the prophetic religious knowledge (knowledge coming from God the Creator).
Today, it is already evident that Karl Marx's atheism is not a solution against paganism, whether religious, or social. The last decades have shown that atheism-forced (by imposition of government) also generates underdevelopment and poverty, (this was evident in Russia and Eastern Europe in the communist period).
 However, Christianity, more genuine, more results in enlightenment and prosperity away from the violence and poverty of the countries that adopt it.
We can prove this fact by comparing the rates of development of the countries seriously Christians with the indices of development of countries more or less pagan.
Therefore, we Christians need to reevaluate our cultural trends and our educational model, if we are to achieve Christianity prevails.
If we give a little more credence to biblical teachings, sensibly and without much mysticism, realize the true causes and possible solutions of the problems that plague our societies.


The Bible, Capitalism and  Prosperity Protestant

With the consolidation of Christian Reform, around the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the main Protestant countries were based on biblical ethics to develop a social system against the bondage of feudalism practiced during the Middle Ages. Thus was born, in a cradle Protestant, which came to be called the capitalist system. The initial goal was to create business rules and productive than slavery and fought recompensassem people as fairly and as transparently as possible. The result was a strong economic and industrial growth in countries that adopted the "new system" of a fair and correct. Note: the term capitalism is new, but the system itself (its essence) was already used by the people of Israel from the time of the prophet Moses.
The conversion products, services, manpower, time, etc. properties. In monetary values ​​(money, "capital"), was restored by Protestants to achieve accuracy and speed in trade, labor and production soon after Middle Ages. At that time, around the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it was found that was more efficient and safer to carry cash in your pocket, than sacks of flour, gold, baskets, etc. cows., When making any business transaction. Moreover, without the flexibility of money, it was very difficult to exchange favors or products without anyone leave unsatisfied with the inaccuracy of the exchange process. With this mentality, inspired by the rigor of justice and the Old Testament, which Protestants have developed modern capitalism. The idea was to enable the right relationship - as accurately and as quickly as possible - of all social classes. However, being the work of Protestant peoples, the capitalist system was severely attacked by the enemies of the Protestant Reformation. For a long time, anti-Christian (supporters of Marxist Communism) and the socialists in general, did all kinds of criticism for trying to shock the system and the Protestant people. Today, some liberals are still trying to deceive the people by associating the word capitalism with greed, exploitation, robbery etc ... The bad faith of some of these people has no limit. Unfortunately, due to lack of information as these naive citizens end up believing and joining these groups. Its leaders, however, are dressed in lambs, but at bottom, are liars and greedy wolves who just want to manipulate the populace to achieve power.
From the nineteenth century, many countries who did not practice ethics and Protestant religion, ie, did not practice moral values ​​and social origin genuinely Christian, also joined the massive use of capital (money) in economic relations in general. These people, in more or less pagan culture, such as Brazil, practice what I call Capitalism Pagão.Este yes, it's a savage capitalism. That's because people who practice it are not very civilized and not learned to respect his neighbor like a brother (one of the main teachings of the Protestant people).
Unlike the Protestant people, people more or less pagans use the power of money to exploit others and do them injustice. We can see this reality by making comparisons between the Protestant and pagan countries (countries deemed "secular", but many supporters of syncretism). If you compare interest rates, wages, income per capita and poverty, between the Protestant and pagan countries more or less, we can see easily that reality. In fact, capitalism itself does not produce good nor bad. Who produces the good or evil is the person who uses it. And in general, people are the result of religious education they receive. A religion wise, rigid and decent home really prophetic, peoples and governments produce fair and ethical. A religion sloppy, inconsistent and vulgar (tainted with paganism, for example), people and produce unstable governments and frivolous.
For Capitalism longer and become a pagan instrument of justice, income distribution and to stimulate prosperity, it is necessary that the people practice the Christian principles and the Protestant ethic. Evangelical churches need to better understand this issue and concentrate a little more effort in clarifying this issue. The supernatural faith has its place, but the human and social values, reported in the Bible, are basic fundamentals to get an education realistic, progressive and successful in any society.
Regarding the religious aspect, in fact, the abstention of riches "mundane" (pagan, unjust) is a precondition for people to achieve a true conversion. However, once converted (once a subject of the Kingdom of God), all wealth is a divine blessing achieved and should be respected. It is true that some men of God (prophets handpicked) needed to live in poverty because of the peculiarity of the mission they had to fulfill. But in no time, God showed that he wanted his subjects live in poverty common. It is a grave mistake to think that God wants us to be in poverty or in poverty, be it socialist, or capitalist. If we can eliminate the pagan culture and religion, we will automatically happier and more prosperous.


Education without punishment, is in fashion since the days of Eli

Discipline and punishment are part of the human and spiritual family
Just as God disciplines his own spiritual children, he also wants parents here on earth to discipline their own children. Although the measures of God against the stubbornness, rebellion and disobedience of his people are extremely tough and hard, he limited the energetic actions of parents to use the stick in cases of necessity. In the New Testament, the Lord Jesus makes use of reprimands and punishments to deal with disobedience of some churches. One of the churches received the following rebuke of the Lord: "However, I have this against you: you tolerate Jezebel, the woman who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and eating food sacrificed to idols. I gave her space to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. Therefore, I do get sick and it will bring great suffering to those who commit adultery with her, unless they repent of her ways. Kill the children of this woman. Then all the churches shall know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and will repay each of you according to your works. " God takes care of your spiritual family, educating it, training it and punishing it, and he gave us the Book of Proverbs to also educate, treinemos and punish our children. The education of children of Proverbs can be summarized in one verse: "Educate the child in the way he should go, and until the end of life does not depart from it". (Proverbs, 22:6) With the wise counsel of Proverbs, parents can train their children to walk the path of good behavior and right, and by the end of life they will practice what they learned and avoid the bad behavior. No one is wiser than God in matters of child rearing. No book of the Bible speaks of both wisdom and Proverbs. And nobody on earth was wiser than Solomon, because his wisdom came from God. Thus, the wisdom of God with the wisdom of his servant Solomon produced the wisest advice that parents need to fulfill the responsibility to train their children on track. Education without corporal punishment, in this fashion since the days of Eli The propaganda of fashion, following the method of Eli talking and rebuking without using a stick, teaches that spanking leads to violence into the homes and lives of children. Hophni, Phinehas, Amnon, Absalom and Adonijah - wherever they are today - would never agree with such opinion! They became ill and violent and are now paying a heavy price, suffering eternal punishment. Who thinks that the method of raising and educating children without physical punishment is a modern invention overcome past practices do not know the life of Eli and David. This method was not invented by specialists in psychology today. It was inspired by the human heart and is in effect for thousands of years. It is clear that God does not accept abuse of authority, but not sure using the cases of violence and to undo the excesses of the Book of Proverbs guidelines for parents, for God's Word is clear that it is precisely the lack of application of corporal punishment that may lead families and their children to tragic fates. These tragedies could have a large increase in the whole society, because the government's goal is to ban parents from disciplining their children. Such a ban inevitably becomes illegal and crime obey the guidance of God in Proverbs. The "wise men" of this world - who are real fools before God - just accept what your friends "sages" teach. But the truly wise accept what the wisest of the universe Mind teaches in Proverbs. "The fool thinks he is always right, but the wise listen to advice." (Prov.12: 15) "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but whoever walks with fools suffers harm." (Prov.
13: 20) Text Julio Severo


Social Justice and Individual Justice in the Light of the Holy Bible

Not yet learned to socio-economic importance of taking
seriouly the princeple of justice.
A people only becomes really knows just when, clearly and objectively, the real meaning of the word justice. 
Most people know only two situations: to benefit or be harmed. Unfortunately, we do not understand these extremes to discern and adopt intermediate situations.
It is at the midpoint between benefit and harm, we find what is right for everyone.
In general, fairness is not overwhelming nor favor,
not despise or deify, do not underestimate nor overestimate.
 Being fair is split correctly without knowing and without adding subtracting (without stealing or bribing).
Being fair is not appropriate other people's belongings and give the correct value to every thing and every person.
 Being fair is to establish clear rules without giving advantage to some and disadvantage others.
Being fair is to find the balance that meets or sacrifice, equally, without leaving a residue of dissatisfaction that may result in subsequent rematches.
The absence of a good education in this sense has allowed extremist behavior (sometimes silent, sometimes violent) by the majority of citizens.
 The lack of dialogue, to establish what is fair and right, does the citizen get tired of being harmed, and from silent to violence (go straight to the other end).
These reactions have occurred even among relatives and neighbors.
Therefore, we need to reeducate.
 Christians in particular need to teach people what is fair and right that citizens do not become silent and know how to dialogue to realize any injustice.
If we cultivate a pattern of behavior really fair, no one will accumulate reasons to become unhappy, disloyal, bribery or violence.
 The authorities need to act totally impartially (without leaning to either side), with respect to biblical teachings that tell: even to encourage the poor to distort what is fair, and always use the same pattern of weight and as to any person, whether poor, rich, illiterate, doctor, beggar, authority, etc ...
Society needs to understand that is the correct practice of the principle of justice that produces social peace enabling prosperity in an orderly and well distributed.
The cleverness, exploitation and bad faith, deceptive techniques that are short lived and rugged. Government institutions, private companies and personal business, established with injustice, with cleverness, with farms and bad faith, are comparable to buildings collapse because of sand storms in the days of (crises, plagues, accidents, new skills, etc..).
But established businesses fairly, with justice in prices, wages, services and relationships in general, are comparable to buildings on rock because they remain standing even after major storms.
Therefore, we must abandon the habit of underdeveloped like to take advantage of everything, and cultivate the habit developed like to do and receive justice at all. It is time we understand that it takes advantage of today becomes the subject of tomorrow, while justice is practiced today will become tomorrow's profit.
Behave in a truly fair, both in time to give or to sell, how much time to charge or receive, is a prerequisite for people to become peaceful and successful.

The effect of Justice is Peace .. Isaiah 32:17


The Age of Disposable Relationships

Someone asked a gentleman who had completed sixty-five years of marriage:
- What is the secret of it? - And the lord said:
- My son, we are born into a time when things broke, they taught us to fix them.

In our day, is not only the marriage has become disposable. Many different things in these modern times have become expendable.
 Unconsciously, the man of today, so dispose of plates and glasses, shoes and scarves, expanded these routine acts in interpersonal relationships.
Compressed by the urgent demand of global life, humans forgot that values ​​do not toss out that friends are not plastic and the marriage is not paper. 
We need to understand that it is not worth repairing a shoe, according to the ease of getting another brand new without paying much for him, love, esteem, respect and consideration are values ​​that should not be discarded.
Worth a lot, yes, sorry, caring relationships, maintaining friendships and valuing family ties. 
We understand that friends are like oases across the deserts and the family is the great womb social, emotional and spiritual balance and protects the face of difficulties in day-to-day life.
Understand that the difficulties we face in our social and emotional ties are not solved by pressing buttons and that access to the hearts of those we hold dear, do not get with a click. 
The automation feature of our day waiting desabituou us, brought us the ability to have patience, compromise, acknowledging our mistakes and ask forgiveness, attitudes, without which we walk away and isolate ourselves from those we love.
We value and cultivate family and friends, after all they are what we seek, when life becomes difficult.

Text of Pastor Bartholomew Severino de Andrade used with permission.



One strategy is that the Evil One, when he is unable to win in an open confrontation, change tactics and try to be our friend.
This is old and has become a popular proverb that teaches: If you can not beat the enemy, allied to it. History records that when the Emperor Constantine realized that Christians had killed more people converted to Christ, and then faked his own conversion.
With that, he held the progress of evangelization of the Church, after killing his spiritual life, making it a state church.
It is said that when he tried to attract a bug in the remaining faithful did not yield to the religious policy of the empire, he said, showing the treasures of the church: "We can not say with John, we have no gold or silver." But also that the true believer replied, "Yes, but we can not say on behalf of Jesus Christ, the Son of God:" Arise and walk.
Similarly, it is not uncommon to hear pastors today, when faced with the oppressed of the devil, rather than pray and rebuke the evil spirits, sent to hospitals and psychiatric clinics.
Today lack the true knowledge of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which causes the release of people jailed for seducing spirits.
The terrible image that has been installed in our time is as follows: first, no charismatic and activists, on the opposite side, the cold philosophers intellectual faith. 
The first release out demons and heal the sick, but can not get rid of their own moral disease; teologizam seconds and cooking beautiful sermons, literary works and the effects of the sentences, however survive their fears and insecurities, under the yoke of tranquilizers and social activities.
In the vacuum produced by these two extremes, we must persevere and balance ourselves into believing that, as taught by the Word.
Today, more than at any other time, we must consider why the Lord has said that some varieties drive out demons only by fasting and prayer. Consider also that He said not enough to know the Word so that they are wrong when, besides the Bible, we also know the power of God.
We must return to the principles of evangelical faith, so that will generate a spiritually healthy people for the Lord, really, without sounding nostalgic, I miss the time when the state could not be evangelical, but involved the persecution. I miss the days of my conversion, when we had as "brothers in faith" erotic show programs, players and global artists who were members of churches and at the same time, customers in nightclubs. I remember very well who supported the cause is not gay or heard of "Gospel naked." At that time, marriage was out of town sex young sinner and after services were not going to ballads, there was the mega churches, temples, gigantic.
It was a time when the gospel message was not popular because it emphasized the Lordship of Christ. However, the people of God was much more holy, united, peaceful and easy. Consequently, this simplicity of life, they were much happier.
Finally, I conclude that I propose to myself and everyone reading this text, the following: after, friends, that the historical period we are experiencing is exactly the same as prophesied in the Bible regarding the ungrateful and unfaithful men who can not stand the sound doctrine and therefore look to themselves teachers after their own lust.
We in our generation the pure and living word of God. We will be vigilant and not ignore what the enemies of the prophet Daniel said, when he sought and found nothing to discredit his conduct, "We will not find anything against this Daniel, unless you look for in the law of thy God.
"Dr. Billy Graham said that when the devil can not defeat us with the things of this world, try to deceive the very Word of God. He tried against Christ, when he quoted the Bible, so the Lord will shoot over the precipice.
Prevails in the Christian, today, the confusion and the tyranny of his personal charisma and pride of knowledge. The lack of true virtue that flows through the dependence of the power of the Spirit to preach the gospel and what they produce fruits that are in the midst of this situation Señor.En, the Spirit wants to restore the churches, with the remnant not conformed to this world and therefore constantly seeking the Lord.
God wants to bring their churches back to the simplicity of faith and life of the Spirit. It is very important to understand these truths, to walk according to the holy will, perfect and pleasing to God.