How to get out of this Crisis?

It is very common to hear nowadays speak of a crisis.
Crisis of values, concepts, principles, ideologies, economics, politics, religion, culture.
It seems that the world has entered a chaotic process, runaway and can no longer give a satisfactory explanation for the entanglement of general of life

Principalmente the older people, who formed their heads and ideas in previous decades.
They speak with more emphasis this crisis, say that today the world is broken up and walks like of disorderly manner, not quite sure, where to go. There is a malaise at the moment, this is undeniable.
People live but do  think it has not more incentive to do the same things they did before.
Takes  life instead of living, and to see a sudden disappear  all the things that gave before meaning to their existence.
People repeat the same every year experiences: New Year's carnival holiday, the Feast of Easter, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, holidays in July, Father's Day, Christmas and New Year, again, in short, live every year a regular sequence of repetitions.
That  give a false sense of security, but the reality is that all this creates a rush without leaving the same point.
Here is the root of this crisis, it is an existential crisis, the mother of all crises.
People live by live, no prospects, and do not realize that their lives are being manipulated, lose their sense of direction, where's the compass?

But the Apostle Paul left us the recipe for living these days,  no seizure, that this in Letter to the Romans in chapter 12:2:

"Be ye not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, pleasing and perfect will of God. "
For you to fix in your mind this advice from Paul, let's read this passage in the Living Bible translation in a language that is easier to understand:
 "Do not imitate the behavior and customs of the people of this century, you  is a person one new and different , showing a healthy renewal in everything it does and thinks.
And so you learn, from personal experience, as God's ways really are satisfying. "
We Christians are called to make a difference,  not to be like the others, crisis not for us we have a god that keeps us and deliver us from evil.


Web, emails, blogs, Web sites ..... but I still feel alone!

gs,web sites,These days I read a poster on a bus:
What is friendship?
Tell us what friendship means in the dictionary:
a feeling of a friend, the mutual affection between two people, affection, esteem, good relationships love, dedication, grace ...

Reading these concepts realize that these days amid the hectic world, we do not have time to enjoy all the good that deserves a real sincere friendship.

You have to give pleasure to both sides, because a friend not is just someone who laughs when you're happy, but one who cries when you're sad.
The friendly relationship the two have to qualify, is a two-way street

A friend does not need to ask, you realize your need, nor do you need to ask for secret he knows that he should have the secrets to others.

 For a friend you never have to apologize because they do nothing to hurt you, and we should not invite to his birthday, because he will be happy to go and congratulate him in difficult times will be the first to arrive.

For these and other reasons, I see that friendship is the greatest asset we have.

 Thinking about it makes me wonder: Why is it so hard to have friends today?
Are we not giving enough for our friend, or vice versa?
Are we looking for friends only when we are in trouble and do not realize the difficulties another's ?

. "To take one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ."
(The love) Gal. 6:2,7.