Today our western society languishing under the violence of abortion and euthanasia, the curse of homosexuality, poverty, materialism, the coercion of socialism, the field of education "public," the chaos of judicial activism, and the injustice of racism and sexualism taxes.
These are all tyrannies a direct result of the abandonment of biblical Christianity.
The western world has increasingly accepted the proposal that the first modern liberal politician, Jean Jacques Rousseau: the State emancipate you from the responsibility for all human non-coercive, such as family, church and business, if only you submit to coercion State. Modern man is willing to negotiate their responsibility to family, church and business, exchanging it for submission to a political order increasingly coercive and violent.
We are returning to the classical pagan world, in which the coercive state is the unifying principle of all life.

The cruelest political regimes, violent and murderous in human history have been non-Christian or anti-Christian, pagan humanism of the ancient primitive Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome, and secular humanism sophisticated revolutionary France, the Soviet Union , Red China, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and other modern secular states.
Humanism is and always will be a recipe for political terror and tyranny.
The only hope for the return of political freedom and free society is that it promotes a return to biblical Christianity and orthodox. Christianity is not merely a matrix in which political liberty flourishes, he is the only foundation on which to build a free society.

"Know the truth and the truth shall make you free" Jesus Christ.