The Drug Problem and its Solution.

The Drug Problem and its solution. We have watched daily by the media to increase the consumption of drugs worldwide. It is common to hear say that such a place became a "Cracolândia" due to the invasion of space for "smoking" and "sell" the rock of crack. And as people have reached the most varied walks of life! They are broken families, broken homes, careers that were inevitably interrupted, stagnant lives. Some have dubbed it "rock-the-devil." Governments invest millions in public awareness of the problem, companies engage in advertising, but it seems nothing can stop this runaway train. Everyone knows the harmful effects on the body and that dependence will lead the addict to death in a short time. A disturbing question arises: What makes people opt for the drugs, knowing that self-destruct? Because this waiver to life? The liberalism of today, many mistakenly choose the "everything is a matter of personal freedom of choice." Research shows that there are root causes of emotional and psychic order to influence people to enter the world of drugs. Most drugs search in a way to punish or get away from a problem that is afraid to face. There are cases where one is moved by curiosity or drugs in defiance of danger, trying to show that it is strong. But it also reveals some sort of insecurity and lack of affection or attention. Yet the most surprising and troubling is that there is a great indifference to the problem. What really is missing is the same love of neighbor. There is an emptiness in people and lack a sense of life. The growing quest for materialism and consumerism has become cold and insensitive people with each other, even within the home and family. This has been the cause for people, including children and adolescents seek drugs as a means of escape and self-punishment. Tougher laws against traffickers and health policy more favorable treatment of drugs are important complementary measures, but will not help in solving the problem. Why are measures that will act on the consequences, not the root. Researchers try to find solutions, some say the culprit is the user, the other supplier, still others think the problem comes from outside (Bolivia, Colombia), but do not reach the source, the origin of this great evil. The root of these evils is not in the low educational level, not that rampant in society, is not a lack or excess money, the whole problem is of spiritual origin. It takes a firm and decisive action on the causes of behavioral and emotional, that affect the individual and society. There must be a change in mentality. The real change is one that begins in the heart, inside out, and this is only possible through divine grace. This grace changes the character, governs the impulses, passions, enmity and makes it more noble affection. It makes life becomes more enjoyable and spread around an influence of kindness. This is only possible through a release. Liberation is the act of making free or for someone in freedom. The man becomes free only after the discovery of the truth which gives meaning to life. Jesus Christ is the truth that sets man free from addictions, oppression, hatred, jealousy and envy. The great problem of man consists in seeking the wrong solution to their problems. I need to change. Christ is God's solution to the problem of man. He alone makes man free from sorrow and anguish.
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The effect of righteousness will be peace and injustice and lawlessness!

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you, I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.Ezekiel 36:26

Every day you hear and see news such as: "Father kills son, women are mug by her husband, the elderly are malted newborn is abandoned, thieves break in and kill" ...

This is nothing more than a reflection of a society that more and more turned away from God.

Human nature is very far from being improved.

It's not like a house that needs minor repairs such as replacing a tile or make a plaster on the ceiling.
No, it is completely corrupted.Until his foundation is ruined.From roof to foundation, there is a beam that has not even been eaten by termites.There is more solidity, is all rotten and ready to collapse.

God makes no attempts or experiments with man, He did not anchor the walls with stakes or paint the doors again full of termites, not decorates and beautifies, but stipulates that the old house is completely overturned, and a new one built in its place.
As already mentioned this is more than restored or improved.

If only some parts were in poor condition, could be repaired.If only one or two major cogs of this machine called "humanity" were broken, the Creator put everything in order.
Exchange the broken parts, replace the damaged wheel, and the machine returns to work in order
.Instead, repairs are needed everywhere, there is not a lever that is not broken or shaft without damage, none of the gears work properly.
The whole head is sick and the whole heart faint.From the soles of feet to his head, the whole human race is plagued with sores and putrid wounds.

Therefore, the Lord does not think of a simple repair.

He says "I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you, I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh"And the effect of righteousness will be peace."Isaiah 32:17


God, the watchmaker and the Church.

What you see when you open a clock that works with clockwork?  
See certain gears that rotate in a counterclockwise direction that are linked to other working clockwise.
Your first impression may be that the master watchmaker has gone mad and confused.
Instead, he got so the mechanism of this clock and put the mainspring to control all your gear, which when wound, although a gear rotate clockwise and the other counterclockwise, they all work together to move the hands around the dial in precisely the right speed.
Many gears seem to work against each other, but they all work together for the same purpose to show the exact time
 This is exactly how God works, as the Master watchmaker, he got the engine of your Church so that for many it seems that everything is out of control.
Some are conservative, since other liberals, and radicals of the ultras has two senses, and who does not know the manufacturer's manual, the Bible, it seems that "everything is wrong."  
"All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose" 
Romans 8:28
Because the master watchmaker, set the gears of the clock to show the right time, so God has set His Church today with order to show the world that it is almost midnight.
Wake up brother!


Who washes the dishes or garbage strip?

In Galatians 6:10 Paul says,
"let us do good to everyone, but especially to the family of faith."
Our good deeds should reach all people, Christians or not.
We should follow the example of our Heavenly Father who "makes his sun rise on good and bad, and sends rain on the just and unjust." 
Notwithstanding the statement of Paul is a priority of responsibility: after the first believers and unbelievers.
I think we can draw from this order, a priority similar regarding our families.
We should do good to all men, but mostly of our family.
Paul told Timothy: "If anyone does not care for her and especially to his own house, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever" (1 Timothy 5:8).
Good works should begin at home. If we go out to do good works while the other "forgotten" the needs of the wife, spouse, daughter, grandson, mother, father, father-in-law ..... we are not exercising the grace of goodness or good works.  
As husbands, many of us have enough to grow in the area of ​​good deeds at home.
There are many things we can do inside and around it, to be more sensitive in serving the needs of our wives. Who takes out the garbage in your house?
The best teaching is by example.
If we want to train our children in the practice of good deeds (they must be trained but do not learn to do it naturally), then we should be the example.
I wonder how many boys grow up in Christian homes and never have the privilege to see Daddy do the dishes or scrubbing the kitchen floor?
And how many young people in our churches have not had the privilege of seeing his much vaunted pastor a miserable broom handle in the temple at around the same?
To grow in grace and good deeds, duties and less unpleasant dear home offers an opportunity to do good things to those we most love.
Let us do good to everyone, but especially to our own family.



No doubt the Bible is the strong theme of social justice.
In the Old Testament it comes to attitudes towards the disadvantaged: the poor, widows, orphans and foreigners at harvest time, the Israelites were to leave them a little (Dt.24 :19-21).
Interest loans are prohibited (Ex.22: 25).
All persons, including slaves and immigrants have the right to rest on the Sabbath (Ex.23: 12).
Slaves should not be treated with rigor (Lv.25 :39-43).
There is a clear relationship between poverty and oppression, God exhorts the Hebrews to remember that one day they were slaves (Dt.26 :5-8).
The God of Exodus intervenes in favor of the poor and oppressed, who are his people.
The message of the Prophets was quite explicit: "Seek justice, Fulfil the oppression" (Is.1: 17).
The Prophets cried out against the rich and powerful who oppressed the poor, and most strongly against indgnaram a separate religion of justice (Os.8: 13), (Am.5: 15, 21:25), (Mq.6: 6) (Is.58:1-11; ...)
God accepts or rejects the worship of Israel shall base their concern exercised towards the poor.
Even prayer can not replace the aid to the poor (Is.1 :15-17).
In Israel as it was relatively rich in Séc.VIII AC, poverty was not accidental.
The prosperity of the rich rested largely on the exploitation and mistreatment of the poor, through a legal system that favored the rich, the control of monopolies, restrictions on trade, unfair wages and raising prices. Many poor people have even lost their land to big landowners.
A little later, Ezekiel censorship by the rich accumulate unscrupulously properties for speculative purposes (Ez.22: 29).

Many Psalms describe God judging the world with justice (Ps. 96:13, 97:6, 98:9).
His will is for justice and peace kiss each other (Sl.85: 10.11).
The Lord "does justice to the oppressed" (Sl.146: 7).
In the New Testament Jesus' ministry will bring good tidings to the poor, proclaiming a jubilee (Lc.4 :16-19). In the year of jubilee every 50 years, the soil should remain fallow, debts should be forgiven, freed slaves and the property returned to owners that they had lost because of some debt.
God in Christ became poor, choosing the weak, as Paul says, to confound the mighty (ICor.1 :26-29).
The kingdom of God, Jesus said, dadoaos is poor and the rich, should be converted.
This reign inaugurates a new relationship with God and with others.
This puts the kingdom by land our traditional values, so the first in the kingdom are those without any position in society.
The poor are not blessed by Caua of their poverty and misery, nor why they are better than others, but because they recognize their needs before God (Mt.5 :3-11, 11:5, Luke 6:20)
For the rich unconverted, the gospel is bad news, not good news.
So Jesus asks the rich young man, with his boundless love for money and power, selling their property and donate to the poor to have "treasure in heaven.
And that speech is easier for a camel to go through a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom (Mt.19 :16-30).Therefore, it is not surprising that the poor, the marginalized and the excluded heard with much satisfaction.
He attended parties with disreputable people, to challenging, with its behavior, religious institutions and their leaders.
These leaders were offended by the fact that this master had come from Nazareth, an obscure and forgotten city. The kingdom of God is not something we passively wait before help make this happen kingdom.
We must sow the seed and God gives the gift of life, so we can harvest.He calls us to be co-redeemers with him.
Lacked wine at Cana, and Jesus asked the cooperation of servants, and at the same time, produced wine. Today, lack employment opportunities, freedom, homes, hope and justice.
If you do not fill the jars, no miracles too.
The Epistles are full of admonitions about care for the poor.
Greed is a cardinal sin and a form of idolatry (ICor.5: 10.11; 6:10).
The Bible does not condemn the inequality of wealth in itself. Jesus rejoiced at the banquet in Galilee and suffered from thirst on Golgotha.
Paul experienced both prosperity and poverty.
What the Bible condemns is the indifference of the rich towards the poor.
We should bless the poor not so patronizing, but as God has blessed us, that is, with no gratuitous justice and with justice interests.
The goal of Divine Justice is not equality but the Peace:
"And the effect of righteousness will be peace and the operation of justice and home security forever"


Christian social action and technology.

This depends on the past and the future depends on it.
The XXI century is characterized by the dam, which in the past lasted thousands of years to occur, this has happened a couple of years and the future still seems to run faster.
The Christian Social Action of the future must be done today should have happened yesterday.
Christianity has lost much time, apparently asleep, face the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. Man is essentially a social being, but has become a cold machine, cynical, manipulative. On the contrary, we see a wave of mysticism and spirituality, as evidence of the need to feel more love, faith and hope.
The basis of all Christian action must be love.
At all times, places and situations that love should be present as a characteristic of Christians (Jo13. 35). The world has always needed, and I have no need of love expressed in practical actions and deep (Rm12.9 -18).
The Christian Church must be attentive to opportunities to show your love in practical action through a personal contact with the needy, not only material goods, but friendly, a goal in life, lack of attention, the opportunity to be someone important (Mt 18.2).
In the XXI century the Christian world is divided between strong and weak, rich and poor, and non-Christians, sick and well ..... It is necessary   a return to primitive Christianity, where small communities are separated, knew the needs of each, if sensitized, showed Christian compassion and unite to serve (Acts 2.44 to 47).
Today we take into account not only the use of technology and functionality, but use it in terms of social interests. Because there may be just what causes economic growth, bringing wealth to a small group , but its use light to maximize the benefits of the entire population.
Thus, using the same ideas, we pray for the future of Christian social action is the use of modern technologies to offer the love of Christ to the lost world as quickly as possible, without neglecting the personal contact that the person values, giving dignity, responsibility and freedom.


The clamor for Democracy and the prophetic calendar.

We have experienced democracy as political system works best at this time.
He gives us certain freedoms unknown in history. 
At this time, there is no viable system compared to democracy.
Democracy is on everyone's lips, especially since the stunning and unexpected fall of the Iron Curtain. Not a day passes without some report on television, something that speaks about the progress of democracy.
Some have called for full freedom and others of the liberation of humanity. Still others say that democracy is the right given by God to all men on earth.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the symbol that separates the West from the East, communism and capitalism, we see democracy in motion, is considered today (democracy) is the absolute answer to every problem the world.

A few years ago, communism was perhaps the most powerful in the world.
Today is no longer a real threat to capitalism, democracy is on stage, front and right in the center.
It is new and unique power at the beginning of the century.  
We are approaching the time when absolutely no one, no one can oppose democracy.
While we welcome the fact that our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe may have fellowship with greater freedom, and with a taste for the freedom they now have to travel to the West, we can not let this blind us to the new danger Aque approaches.
 The danger that now seems so positive is a world united under the banner of democracy.

The fact that we are now experiencing a global protest in regions where no dream of seeing, and large popular demonstrations for democracy, makes us think about what the Bible says about it.

But who in their right mind would oppose such progress?
What is the problem of universal brotherhood of unity, peace and prosperity?  

Superficially nothing, but those who search the Scriptures to know exactly where this evolution will take us.
From the beginning, men have been waiting for the right person with the legal system, which will lead to universal peace and harmony. But men have desired to happen in their own terms.  
The peace and prosperity are possible realities of today?  
Yes, peace is not only possible, but that peace could come because it was prophesied in Scripture.  
Yes, there will be peace at a level not yet known and will flood the world and all opposition is eliminated.
At the summit of success, however, assumes a different identity. The mask will fall and its true nature is revealed.  
She moves not only globally but also to advance universally want to be like God.
As investigated by the biblical perspective, we find that democracy, whether it is good, eventually elect the Antichrist.
"Who is like the beast?
Who can fight against it?" Apoc. 13.4


Everything is a matter of trust.

"Would you buy a used car from this man?
  In the United States is very common to that question, referring to the reliability of an acquaintance or even someone who has never seen before.
Trusting someone who sometimes is pure intuition, do not always have concrete evidence or sufficient knowledge of the history of someone with whom we are about to close a deal, but we take into account what he gives us in contact.
"Lies have short legs" is a popular saying in Brazil.
A dishonest person is through the small details, if we realize.
The obvious is only obvious to the eye ready. Also, if someone is dishonest rather betray the trust of others and there is barely a second time with the same person.
The effectiveness of the lie has short-term, while the best relationships and the best deals are those that grow in the long term. This principle is the basic interpersonal communication and makes communication between businesses, between businesses and consumers, between government and people and even between the church and community.
Power based on lies is illusory.
The great King David said more than 3mil years, with great wisdom: "Some trust in chariots and some in the strength of the horses, but I put my trust in God."  
We could translate this text, how to live our society today: "Some trust in technology, others on their knowledge and forget God."
Reliance on a particular person or even the knowledge and intuition, has been the cause of many headaches in our day to day.
Reliability has become a bitter disappointment, both within the family, as in the workplace, with government and even church relations.
But King David in the prescribed medication for his life   victorious when he says: "From my youth I've put all my trust in God and I am sure that in my old age I will not disappoint."
Oh, if many parents, governors and religious leaders know this great truth forward and if many   had the courage to make that commitment, sometimes wept bitter tears of major negative events that every day we hear in our environment.
Everything is a matter of trust.




"You are the salt of the earth: but if the salt turns out to be bland, as it restores the flavor?"
Mt 5:13 b
At the time of Jesus, just as now, salt was widely used to preserve food.
Jesus commanded us to preach the Gospel to all creatures, but also made it clear that we should be the "salt of the earth, and salt has anti-degenerative diseases. The comparison made between the salt and the church requires it to be the element responsible for having the "rot" the environment where it operates, (society / community).If you lose this property, to whom will this task?
The Christian church is in the world to be "salt" and not to be a dictator rules. Jesus' command was to be "the salt of the earth, the element that holds the advancement of the degeneration of society.
He has not incited to rebel against what directly affects us, thus taking the law into their own hands and only in our favor. Salt, in addition, anti-degenerative, has the feature to transfer your taste for food, changing it completely.
Important detail: the salt will not appear on food, she looks the same with or without it, we only notice its absence when the food tasted and we miss you on the other hand it is visible when we are not being used.
The real action in the Christian world should be equally seamless and revolutionary, rather than as visible and dead before the chaotic social situation we live today.
For one thing completely clear in the words of Jesus is that He never intended to create a church as a powerful organization in the ordinary sense of the word. His intention was that this was prevalent in the church quietly as the salt, making its properties antidegenerativas, acquired from him would prevent the deterioration of society, reversing the process and preparing the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven.
This is the great power which in some ways the church has resigned.


BOOK - A Product of High Technology

In its current form, the Book, has been used for over 500 years, and represents a fantastic breakthrough in technology. It has no wires, electric circuits, no batteries or batteries, need not be connected to anything, need not be connected to anything, and it's so easy to use that any child can operate it.Just open it!Each page of the paper should be scanned optically, and the information transferred directly to the user's CPU, the brain itself, without any special formatting. Just remember that the bigger and more complex information to be absorbed, the greater will be the processing capability of the user.
Every book is formed by a sequence of numbered pages (currently recycle), which can store thousands and even millions of information. The pages are bound together by a system called the spine (or Dorcas), who keeps them permanently in the correct sequence and can be used both sides (pages) of the paper. This allows double the amount of input data and reduce costs by half.To make books with more information simply use more leaves, but become thicker and more difficult to be transported, attracted criticism from fans of portability.
Unbeatable advantage of the device is that when using a simple finger movement allows instant access to the next page. And the reading of Scripture can be resumed at any time by simply opening it. Never has an error password and need not be restarted and it just gets damaged or even useless when hit by liquids.It has an Index that allows access to any page instantly and move forward or backward in the quest with ease, say that is softer than one already installed.
An optional accessory, the bookmark, it also allows you to access the book exactly where you left it last in use, even if it is closed. The compatibility of bookmarks is complete allowing work on any model or type of paper without the need for configuration. All Book supports simultaneous use of several markers of pages, if you want to keep multiple pieces selected at the same time.
You can also customize the contents of Scripture, through notes in the margins. For this, you must use a device called the Pencils.Elegant, durable and cheap book has been appointed as an instrument of entertainment and culture of the future, as was the entire Western past. There are millions of titles annually and forms that developers (publishers) will put the public using this platform.
And a super important feature: the book does not lock, no conks, no crashes or gets overloaded and can be used in car, bus, train, airplane, bathroom, and even in bed.Good Read!