"You are the salt of the earth: but if the salt turns out to be bland, as it restores the flavor?"
Mt 5:13 b
At the time of Jesus, just as now, salt was widely used to preserve food.
Jesus commanded us to preach the Gospel to all creatures, but also made it clear that we should be the "salt of the earth, and salt has anti-degenerative diseases. The comparison made between the salt and the church requires it to be the element responsible for having the "rot" the environment where it operates, (society / community).If you lose this property, to whom will this task?
The Christian church is in the world to be "salt" and not to be a dictator rules. Jesus' command was to be "the salt of the earth, the element that holds the advancement of the degeneration of society.
He has not incited to rebel against what directly affects us, thus taking the law into their own hands and only in our favor. Salt, in addition, anti-degenerative, has the feature to transfer your taste for food, changing it completely.
Important detail: the salt will not appear on food, she looks the same with or without it, we only notice its absence when the food tasted and we miss you on the other hand it is visible when we are not being used.
The real action in the Christian world should be equally seamless and revolutionary, rather than as visible and dead before the chaotic social situation we live today.
For one thing completely clear in the words of Jesus is that He never intended to create a church as a powerful organization in the ordinary sense of the word. His intention was that this was prevalent in the church quietly as the salt, making its properties antidegenerativas, acquired from him would prevent the deterioration of society, reversing the process and preparing the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven.
This is the great power which in some ways the church has resigned.

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