Everything is a matter of trust.

"Would you buy a used car from this man?
  In the United States is very common to that question, referring to the reliability of an acquaintance or even someone who has never seen before.
Trusting someone who sometimes is pure intuition, do not always have concrete evidence or sufficient knowledge of the history of someone with whom we are about to close a deal, but we take into account what he gives us in contact.
"Lies have short legs" is a popular saying in Brazil.
A dishonest person is through the small details, if we realize.
The obvious is only obvious to the eye ready. Also, if someone is dishonest rather betray the trust of others and there is barely a second time with the same person.
The effectiveness of the lie has short-term, while the best relationships and the best deals are those that grow in the long term. This principle is the basic interpersonal communication and makes communication between businesses, between businesses and consumers, between government and people and even between the church and community.
Power based on lies is illusory.
The great King David said more than 3mil years, with great wisdom: "Some trust in chariots and some in the strength of the horses, but I put my trust in God."  
We could translate this text, how to live our society today: "Some trust in technology, others on their knowledge and forget God."
Reliance on a particular person or even the knowledge and intuition, has been the cause of many headaches in our day to day.
Reliability has become a bitter disappointment, both within the family, as in the workplace, with government and even church relations.
But King David in the prescribed medication for his life   victorious when he says: "From my youth I've put all my trust in God and I am sure that in my old age I will not disappoint."
Oh, if many parents, governors and religious leaders know this great truth forward and if many   had the courage to make that commitment, sometimes wept bitter tears of major negative events that every day we hear in our environment.
Everything is a matter of trust.

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