The time not to, and because we are away.

Then we will pass to the 4th year of the 2nd decade of the 1st century of the 3rd millennium.

The favorite topic of the moment remains on the end of the world.

Since coming to the new millennium and it does not change, the speculation about the end of the world will die from the possibility of frozen because of the gradual shift away from the Sun as Earth weather Dr. Kaku; passing by global warming with the possibility of being swallowed by the Sun because he is a star and can swell up to not wanting more, there is seen, the solar flares that constantly reach Earth thence crossed with Asteroids NASA said, was cataloged about 90% of the largest asteroids whose orbit can pass by the Earth. This mapping done by scientists suggests that there are about a thousand asteroids near Earth to the size of a mountain or larger, and can crush us at any time.


As if that were not enough, scientists have yet news of the turns with such AH5N1 influenza virus responsible for causing avian influenza. According to the guys is a real possibility and can infect everyone. But what has not changed for a long time is the threat of a nuclear war - Estimates guarantee that there are 20 thousand nuclear warheads around the world. Most are controlled by the United States and Russia, and just a wrong fingerprint, and, goodbye Earth.

It is uncertain at this rate we'll get in 2013.

The thing ta as doubtful, not knowing if this item will arrive to be published, because it was still predicted the end of the world [forget the details] for the day December 21, 2012, or until other dates. Even if it is a barbarian civilizations like the Incas, Maya idolaters or people like Indus ......

But despite all these predictions macabre, do not see anyone trying to understand honestly and humbly to God to save themselves, not see anyone looking for protection from the Devil himself said that according to God lives walking around. I do not see anyone moving away from the enemy turns round about looking for gaps or cracks through which it can enter the character [Is. 30.13].

Since the reality of the moment is this, I suggest the same as James counseled:

"Confront the Devil and he will flee from you" [Jas. 4.7].

Do as the church of Christ, which earned despite attacks via malicious comments coming from all sides even ourselves, remains silent, seeking God's face in prayer crying out knee as happened in the Reformation of the Century 16.

So not only malignant live predictions for the new year, but the will of God.

Not only human passions of this world lives, but behave with the fear of the Lord [1Pe 1.17].

We have spent much time with our fleshly desires that enslave us, let us seize the new time is coming, let's get out of this bondage to another sphere of life with Christ in the midst of His grace [Cl 1.13].

Who can raise their hand against one appointed by the Lord's grace?

Yes, it is admirable to follow Jesus acquittal because it may hear and decide causes [1Rs3];

enlist a new job [1 Kings 5];

choose a wife [2 Sam 13];

have properties [2 Samuel 9];

recommend and assign the policy [1 Kings 2];

refuse illegal orders [1 Samuel 22];

thus, wisdom, sincerity, love of truth, temperance, justice and mercy will accompany every day by the grace of the Lord Jesus.
2013 will be the year of the final victory of God's people, who, with a single glance, scrutinizes all evil [Prov. 20].

Amen? Amen!


Jesus is bigger than my beliefs.

Belief is a statement that describes the rational reality, the world around us described in words, the set of doctrines that we have adopted to organize reality and situate ourselves in it, ie, the way we see the world, life, and how we behave so that our existence has meaning: meaning and direction.
There are philosophical beliefs, ideological, scientific and especially religious. The belief relates to what we believe: that man is the measure of all things, that capitalism is the best economic model, that the earth revolves around the sun, that Jesus Christ is God, for example.

Religions are based on beliefs: Muslims believe that the definitive revelation of God was given to Muhammad; Jews believe in the Law of Moses; Buddhists believe that every human being can attain enlightenment and become a Buddha.
Within each religious system there are also divisions for reasons of different beliefs. For example: Christians called Arminians (Jacobus Arminius), in general, believe that it is possible to lose your salvation, and the Christian tradition of Calvinist (John Calvin) believe that once saved, forever saved, and that if someone does not went to heaven because it was never saved.

Beliefs have a characteristic paradox: while it brings people together, away from the people. People gather around their beliefs, like being in the company of someone who has the same ideas, practice the same rituals and behaves according to the same moral rules. The problem is that usually these people united by common beliefs declare war on everyone who disagrees with them.

When Jesus says "I am the way, the truth and the life," establishes a new dimension of relationship with the truth. From this statement of Jesus, the truth is no longer a matter of belief, because it is no longer to explain and describe reality in a rational manner, but to relate to a person: Jesus himself.
The Jewish New Testament correctly translates John 3:16: "God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who trusts in him may have eternal life, instead of being completely destroyed."
A relationship with Jesus transcends the question of belief, believe or not believe.
It is a matter of faith - trust or not trust, I give him my life or not surrender.
Beliefs aim to translate the truth into words. But the relationship with a person will always be greater than your description, because everyone is always greater than words can describe.

This is why the relationship with Jesus is the dimension of faith, not belief. My friend Paulo Brabo, who helped me understand these things, said something interesting: "I can not recommend belief, his only achievement is to get together in guilds, each believing himself to be more remarkable than the other and calling your own corporate environment of spirituality. I can not endorse the belief, should not imply that spirituality can be adequately conveyed through arguments and explanations. I shall not seek the comfort of belief; Master trembled with fear and had no place to lay his head. I should not listen to anyone who asks tabulation of my belief, my faith is not what I believe.

Never ceases to amaze me that for Christianity God sent to save us a summary of recommendations and a list of beliefs enough, but a person. My spirituality is not to be lived and expressed in a less revolutionary.
Do not ask what I believe. "
To which I would add: the person in whom I trust -
Jesus Christ is more important than the things I believe.

By Ed René Kivitz.