The Drug Problem and its Solution.

The Drug Problem and its solution. We have watched daily by the media to increase the consumption of drugs worldwide. It is common to hear say that such a place became a "Cracolândia" due to the invasion of space for "smoking" and "sell" the rock of crack. And as people have reached the most varied walks of life! They are broken families, broken homes, careers that were inevitably interrupted, stagnant lives. Some have dubbed it "rock-the-devil." Governments invest millions in public awareness of the problem, companies engage in advertising, but it seems nothing can stop this runaway train. Everyone knows the harmful effects on the body and that dependence will lead the addict to death in a short time. A disturbing question arises: What makes people opt for the drugs, knowing that self-destruct? Because this waiver to life? The liberalism of today, many mistakenly choose the "everything is a matter of personal freedom of choice." Research shows that there are root causes of emotional and psychic order to influence people to enter the world of drugs. Most drugs search in a way to punish or get away from a problem that is afraid to face. There are cases where one is moved by curiosity or drugs in defiance of danger, trying to show that it is strong. But it also reveals some sort of insecurity and lack of affection or attention. Yet the most surprising and troubling is that there is a great indifference to the problem. What really is missing is the same love of neighbor. There is an emptiness in people and lack a sense of life. The growing quest for materialism and consumerism has become cold and insensitive people with each other, even within the home and family. This has been the cause for people, including children and adolescents seek drugs as a means of escape and self-punishment. Tougher laws against traffickers and health policy more favorable treatment of drugs are important complementary measures, but will not help in solving the problem. Why are measures that will act on the consequences, not the root. Researchers try to find solutions, some say the culprit is the user, the other supplier, still others think the problem comes from outside (Bolivia, Colombia), but do not reach the source, the origin of this great evil. The root of these evils is not in the low educational level, not that rampant in society, is not a lack or excess money, the whole problem is of spiritual origin. It takes a firm and decisive action on the causes of behavioral and emotional, that affect the individual and society. There must be a change in mentality. The real change is one that begins in the heart, inside out, and this is only possible through divine grace. This grace changes the character, governs the impulses, passions, enmity and makes it more noble affection. It makes life becomes more enjoyable and spread around an influence of kindness. This is only possible through a release. Liberation is the act of making free or for someone in freedom. The man becomes free only after the discovery of the truth which gives meaning to life. Jesus Christ is the truth that sets man free from addictions, oppression, hatred, jealousy and envy. The great problem of man consists in seeking the wrong solution to their problems. I need to change. Christ is God's solution to the problem of man. He alone makes man free from sorrow and anguish.
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