The clamor for Democracy and the prophetic calendar.

We have experienced democracy as political system works best at this time.
He gives us certain freedoms unknown in history. 
At this time, there is no viable system compared to democracy.
Democracy is on everyone's lips, especially since the stunning and unexpected fall of the Iron Curtain. Not a day passes without some report on television, something that speaks about the progress of democracy.
Some have called for full freedom and others of the liberation of humanity. Still others say that democracy is the right given by God to all men on earth.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the symbol that separates the West from the East, communism and capitalism, we see democracy in motion, is considered today (democracy) is the absolute answer to every problem the world.

A few years ago, communism was perhaps the most powerful in the world.
Today is no longer a real threat to capitalism, democracy is on stage, front and right in the center.
It is new and unique power at the beginning of the century.  
We are approaching the time when absolutely no one, no one can oppose democracy.
While we welcome the fact that our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe may have fellowship with greater freedom, and with a taste for the freedom they now have to travel to the West, we can not let this blind us to the new danger Aque approaches.
 The danger that now seems so positive is a world united under the banner of democracy.

The fact that we are now experiencing a global protest in regions where no dream of seeing, and large popular demonstrations for democracy, makes us think about what the Bible says about it.

But who in their right mind would oppose such progress?
What is the problem of universal brotherhood of unity, peace and prosperity?  

Superficially nothing, but those who search the Scriptures to know exactly where this evolution will take us.
From the beginning, men have been waiting for the right person with the legal system, which will lead to universal peace and harmony. But men have desired to happen in their own terms.  
The peace and prosperity are possible realities of today?  
Yes, peace is not only possible, but that peace could come because it was prophesied in Scripture.  
Yes, there will be peace at a level not yet known and will flood the world and all opposition is eliminated.
At the summit of success, however, assumes a different identity. The mask will fall and its true nature is revealed.  
She moves not only globally but also to advance universally want to be like God.
As investigated by the biblical perspective, we find that democracy, whether it is good, eventually elect the Antichrist.
"Who is like the beast?
Who can fight against it?" Apoc. 13.4

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