Union of Atheism against a  Christianity disunited.

Christianity has always dealt with internal conflicts. Since the Council of Jerusalem, by zeal and love for the Gospel, had to resolve their disagreements. It is true that conflicts were not always so peaceful like that. There was sometimes real battle. It is also true that the reasons were not always the most righteous or holy, but, anyway, Christianity stood firm, though divided.

Since the Great Schism, and even more so after the Reformation, Christianity split once. Romans on one side, Protestants and Orthodox another in yet another. Besides these major divisions, the hundreds or thousands of internal divisions, especially within the Protestant side, made the difficult dialogue and reconciliation, obviously, impossible.

However, such a split, though serious, never exceeded the strict limits of matters of faith. It was certainly caused by doctrinal disagreements (without discarding, of course, political influence and personal interests). Anyway, all revolving around Scripture and its interpretation.

After the French Revolution, mainly entered into society, a foreign element: a worldview utterly disconnected from Scripture and the Christian tradition. It is true that its foundations had emerged well before, but it only truly became a political element reasonably systematized.

From there, what happened was just growing a vision of life increasingly disconnected from God, which culminated in the movements linked to a strictly materialistic view of society, such as Marxism, anarchism etc., All of them openly anti-Christian.

Today, there is the cultural and media, in almost all of the West, groups and persons connected directly or by affinity to these movements that work tirelessly to destroy the foundations left by Christianity in this part of the world.

Not to mention also the infiltrations within the Christian churches, for these same groups and people who just do bring to the pulpits and altars, albeit surreptitiously, the same ideas that drench the ideological sludge to which they belong.

Although these moves have not always an interaction programmatic objective is amazing its ideological identity, the unanimous defense of the same points, for sure who are the enemies of society. Despite the diversity absurd principles, in the end they all end up advocating the same things, believing in the same things, fighting the same things.

By the side of the Christians the opposite happens: the same grounds connected, grounded on the same principles, divided into so many doctrines, many systems and so many beliefs that no longer see themselves as children of the same mother: the Church. If you consider, if not enemies, opposites and far.

So, the picture that arises is this: unChristian united by the same goals and same ideas; Christians disunited, although based on the same basis. Now who is stronger to win this battle? And can a divided kingdom stand?

The advance atheistic and anti-Christian is a present reality and getting stronger. Without resistance, vai imposing their worldview, invading the foundations of civilization (which is still somehow Christian) and subverting minds that still resist with remnants of religious teachings received over two thousand years.

Moreover, there is, on this side, any reaction to this advance, but manifestations of individualized inconformismos which alone can counter such little invested.

The question is: could any Christian union against all this?

Honestly, looking just as an observer, and knowing fairly parties, do not have much hope. Catholics view Protestants as just unruly rebels. Protestants see Catholics and Orthodox as diverted from the truth. Traditionalists see how they see the charismatic Protestants and between each denomination or church sees the other as heretical.

The only solution, if there is, first, the recognition, by true Christians, that there are real enemies who fight tirelessly in favor of the destruction of the pillars of our civilization, which is obviously the mitigation of any Christian influence. Secondly, awareness of common ground that binds all the Christian spectrum. If there are irreconcilable differences, to say whether there are also convergences indestructible, especially the participation of all noLogos divine.

This communion in Christ should be the banner page. Is she gonna allow that there is some resistance. If you want to fight for Western civilization remains standing, I see only one possibility: definitely understand that the enemy is not in the church next door, but across the front, in the enemy lines of those who despise the values ​​inherited from the two thousand years of Christianity.

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