The Age of Disposable Relationships

Someone asked a gentleman who had completed sixty-five years of marriage:
- What is the secret of it? - And the lord said:
- My son, we are born into a time when things broke, they taught us to fix them.

In our day, is not only the marriage has become disposable. Many different things in these modern times have become expendable.
 Unconsciously, the man of today, so dispose of plates and glasses, shoes and scarves, expanded these routine acts in interpersonal relationships.
Compressed by the urgent demand of global life, humans forgot that values ​​do not toss out that friends are not plastic and the marriage is not paper. 
We need to understand that it is not worth repairing a shoe, according to the ease of getting another brand new without paying much for him, love, esteem, respect and consideration are values ​​that should not be discarded.
Worth a lot, yes, sorry, caring relationships, maintaining friendships and valuing family ties. 
We understand that friends are like oases across the deserts and the family is the great womb social, emotional and spiritual balance and protects the face of difficulties in day-to-day life.
Understand that the difficulties we face in our social and emotional ties are not solved by pressing buttons and that access to the hearts of those we hold dear, do not get with a click. 
The automation feature of our day waiting desabituou us, brought us the ability to have patience, compromise, acknowledging our mistakes and ask forgiveness, attitudes, without which we walk away and isolate ourselves from those we love.
We value and cultivate family and friends, after all they are what we seek, when life becomes difficult.

Text of Pastor Bartholomew Severino de Andrade used with permission.

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