One strategy is that the Evil One, when he is unable to win in an open confrontation, change tactics and try to be our friend.
This is old and has become a popular proverb that teaches: If you can not beat the enemy, allied to it. History records that when the Emperor Constantine realized that Christians had killed more people converted to Christ, and then faked his own conversion.
With that, he held the progress of evangelization of the Church, after killing his spiritual life, making it a state church.
It is said that when he tried to attract a bug in the remaining faithful did not yield to the religious policy of the empire, he said, showing the treasures of the church: "We can not say with John, we have no gold or silver." But also that the true believer replied, "Yes, but we can not say on behalf of Jesus Christ, the Son of God:" Arise and walk.
Similarly, it is not uncommon to hear pastors today, when faced with the oppressed of the devil, rather than pray and rebuke the evil spirits, sent to hospitals and psychiatric clinics.
Today lack the true knowledge of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which causes the release of people jailed for seducing spirits.
The terrible image that has been installed in our time is as follows: first, no charismatic and activists, on the opposite side, the cold philosophers intellectual faith. 
The first release out demons and heal the sick, but can not get rid of their own moral disease; teologizam seconds and cooking beautiful sermons, literary works and the effects of the sentences, however survive their fears and insecurities, under the yoke of tranquilizers and social activities.
In the vacuum produced by these two extremes, we must persevere and balance ourselves into believing that, as taught by the Word.
Today, more than at any other time, we must consider why the Lord has said that some varieties drive out demons only by fasting and prayer. Consider also that He said not enough to know the Word so that they are wrong when, besides the Bible, we also know the power of God.
We must return to the principles of evangelical faith, so that will generate a spiritually healthy people for the Lord, really, without sounding nostalgic, I miss the time when the state could not be evangelical, but involved the persecution. I miss the days of my conversion, when we had as "brothers in faith" erotic show programs, players and global artists who were members of churches and at the same time, customers in nightclubs. I remember very well who supported the cause is not gay or heard of "Gospel naked." At that time, marriage was out of town sex young sinner and after services were not going to ballads, there was the mega churches, temples, gigantic.
It was a time when the gospel message was not popular because it emphasized the Lordship of Christ. However, the people of God was much more holy, united, peaceful and easy. Consequently, this simplicity of life, they were much happier.
Finally, I conclude that I propose to myself and everyone reading this text, the following: after, friends, that the historical period we are experiencing is exactly the same as prophesied in the Bible regarding the ungrateful and unfaithful men who can not stand the sound doctrine and therefore look to themselves teachers after their own lust.
We in our generation the pure and living word of God. We will be vigilant and not ignore what the enemies of the prophet Daniel said, when he sought and found nothing to discredit his conduct, "We will not find anything against this Daniel, unless you look for in the law of thy God.
"Dr. Billy Graham said that when the devil can not defeat us with the things of this world, try to deceive the very Word of God. He tried against Christ, when he quoted the Bible, so the Lord will shoot over the precipice.
Prevails in the Christian, today, the confusion and the tyranny of his personal charisma and pride of knowledge. The lack of true virtue that flows through the dependence of the power of the Spirit to preach the gospel and what they produce fruits that are in the midst of this situation Señor.En, the Spirit wants to restore the churches, with the remnant not conformed to this world and therefore constantly seeking the Lord.
God wants to bring their churches back to the simplicity of faith and life of the Spirit. It is very important to understand these truths, to walk according to the holy will, perfect and pleasing to God.

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