Education without punishment, is in fashion since the days of Eli

Discipline and punishment are part of the human and spiritual family
Just as God disciplines his own spiritual children, he also wants parents here on earth to discipline their own children. Although the measures of God against the stubbornness, rebellion and disobedience of his people are extremely tough and hard, he limited the energetic actions of parents to use the stick in cases of necessity. In the New Testament, the Lord Jesus makes use of reprimands and punishments to deal with disobedience of some churches. One of the churches received the following rebuke of the Lord: "However, I have this against you: you tolerate Jezebel, the woman who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and eating food sacrificed to idols. I gave her space to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. Therefore, I do get sick and it will bring great suffering to those who commit adultery with her, unless they repent of her ways. Kill the children of this woman. Then all the churches shall know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and will repay each of you according to your works. " God takes care of your spiritual family, educating it, training it and punishing it, and he gave us the Book of Proverbs to also educate, treinemos and punish our children. The education of children of Proverbs can be summarized in one verse: "Educate the child in the way he should go, and until the end of life does not depart from it". (Proverbs, 22:6) With the wise counsel of Proverbs, parents can train their children to walk the path of good behavior and right, and by the end of life they will practice what they learned and avoid the bad behavior. No one is wiser than God in matters of child rearing. No book of the Bible speaks of both wisdom and Proverbs. And nobody on earth was wiser than Solomon, because his wisdom came from God. Thus, the wisdom of God with the wisdom of his servant Solomon produced the wisest advice that parents need to fulfill the responsibility to train their children on track. Education without corporal punishment, in this fashion since the days of Eli The propaganda of fashion, following the method of Eli talking and rebuking without using a stick, teaches that spanking leads to violence into the homes and lives of children. Hophni, Phinehas, Amnon, Absalom and Adonijah - wherever they are today - would never agree with such opinion! They became ill and violent and are now paying a heavy price, suffering eternal punishment. Who thinks that the method of raising and educating children without physical punishment is a modern invention overcome past practices do not know the life of Eli and David. This method was not invented by specialists in psychology today. It was inspired by the human heart and is in effect for thousands of years. It is clear that God does not accept abuse of authority, but not sure using the cases of violence and to undo the excesses of the Book of Proverbs guidelines for parents, for God's Word is clear that it is precisely the lack of application of corporal punishment that may lead families and their children to tragic fates. These tragedies could have a large increase in the whole society, because the government's goal is to ban parents from disciplining their children. Such a ban inevitably becomes illegal and crime obey the guidance of God in Proverbs. The "wise men" of this world - who are real fools before God - just accept what your friends "sages" teach. But the truly wise accept what the wisest of the universe Mind teaches in Proverbs. "The fool thinks he is always right, but the wise listen to advice." (Prov.12: 15) "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but whoever walks with fools suffers harm." (Prov.
13: 20) Text Julio Severo

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