Social Justice and Individual Justice in the Light of the Holy Bible

Not yet learned to socio-economic importance of taking
seriouly the princeple of justice.
A people only becomes really knows just when, clearly and objectively, the real meaning of the word justice. 
Most people know only two situations: to benefit or be harmed. Unfortunately, we do not understand these extremes to discern and adopt intermediate situations.
It is at the midpoint between benefit and harm, we find what is right for everyone.
In general, fairness is not overwhelming nor favor,
not despise or deify, do not underestimate nor overestimate.
 Being fair is split correctly without knowing and without adding subtracting (without stealing or bribing).
Being fair is not appropriate other people's belongings and give the correct value to every thing and every person.
 Being fair is to establish clear rules without giving advantage to some and disadvantage others.
Being fair is to find the balance that meets or sacrifice, equally, without leaving a residue of dissatisfaction that may result in subsequent rematches.
The absence of a good education in this sense has allowed extremist behavior (sometimes silent, sometimes violent) by the majority of citizens.
 The lack of dialogue, to establish what is fair and right, does the citizen get tired of being harmed, and from silent to violence (go straight to the other end).
These reactions have occurred even among relatives and neighbors.
Therefore, we need to reeducate.
 Christians in particular need to teach people what is fair and right that citizens do not become silent and know how to dialogue to realize any injustice.
If we cultivate a pattern of behavior really fair, no one will accumulate reasons to become unhappy, disloyal, bribery or violence.
 The authorities need to act totally impartially (without leaning to either side), with respect to biblical teachings that tell: even to encourage the poor to distort what is fair, and always use the same pattern of weight and as to any person, whether poor, rich, illiterate, doctor, beggar, authority, etc ...
Society needs to understand that is the correct practice of the principle of justice that produces social peace enabling prosperity in an orderly and well distributed.
The cleverness, exploitation and bad faith, deceptive techniques that are short lived and rugged. Government institutions, private companies and personal business, established with injustice, with cleverness, with farms and bad faith, are comparable to buildings collapse because of sand storms in the days of (crises, plagues, accidents, new skills, etc..).
But established businesses fairly, with justice in prices, wages, services and relationships in general, are comparable to buildings on rock because they remain standing even after major storms.
Therefore, we must abandon the habit of underdeveloped like to take advantage of everything, and cultivate the habit developed like to do and receive justice at all. It is time we understand that it takes advantage of today becomes the subject of tomorrow, while justice is practiced today will become tomorrow's profit.
Behave in a truly fair, both in time to give or to sell, how much time to charge or receive, is a prerequisite for people to become peaceful and successful.

The effect of Justice is Peace .. Isaiah 32:17

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